Training that makes a real difference.


Trusted leaders and high-performing teams have a lot in common. They're easy to identify and almost impossible to define. We walk your leaders through a step by step process that shows them exactly how to inspire action by building trust.


We know that psychological safety and trust have been identified as the top elements in the most successful teams. What if you could go even further? Way further?!

Our flagship workshop, TRANSFORMATIONAL TRUST IN TEAMS, is built on 4+ years of research and an entire PhD dissertation. You'll get real results from our proven training. We conduct a before and after survey to show you exactly what happens to team trust.


Keynotes and Events

From single team-building sessions to all-hands meetings and corporate conferences, our powerful events deliver an uproar of laughter, emotion, energy, and collaboration.


Organizational Development

Using validated employee surveys, analytics, consulting, assessments, and leadership training, we help companies reenergize their teams to achieve a shared vision.


Leadership Training

We craft unforgettable experiences that leave your leaders and employees feeling engaged and happy to return to work. Your leaders will be able to create contagious energy and thriving teams.



What kinds of clients do we work with?

We serve organizations of all sizes with a suite of workshops, assessments, surveys, and consulting.

“Wow, that was the most fun we’ve ever had at work! Huge thanks to BM Hallmark for helping us build high-performing teams.”

Greg Tennyson, Head of Global Corporate Services, VSP Global


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