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Brian M Harman (mba/phd) is an Official Forbes Coach and 3-time global TEDx speaker. He's also the author of hit book Learn, Laugh, Lead: How to Avoid a Huge Leadersh*t.


He teaches organizations how to create a fun, creative and supportive workplace by using humor to build trust.

As an MBA and Ph.D. scholar, Brian is a unique leadership coach that harnesses research to bridge the gap between academics and real-world practice. He's also obsessed with laughing and integrates collaborative humor activities into everything he teaches.


In Brian's thrilling workshops and keynotes built on over 4 years of Ph.D. research, you'll learn how to use collaborative humor to build a trusted super team at work where you feel more like a family, supporting one another to achieve big goals together. 


We'll cover the 4 major humor styles, their mechanisms, and the science behind why humor builds trust if done correctly. Usually used as a team-building event, you can also boost engagement and levels of trust anytime with this deeply educational, wildly fun, and fiercely inspiring leadership session.


Leadership, trust, and

humor: how are they all connected?



"Wow, that was fun! Huge thanks to Brian for helping us build high-performing teams. A very powerful message that you are founded on and I can see why you are the person you are and are very good at helping others loosen up to help share their vulnerabilities. Well done!"


Humor isn't appropriate unless there is a trust. It starts with openness, acceptance, and trust and then moves to admiration, equality, and finally, humor. Collaborative humor is the ultimate signal of trust at work. Let's get to that magical place, together! Check out our below if you want to get started.articles