What's covered? Everything you need in a single online course.

  • Management

    Do you know the difference between leadership and management? What is a manager supposed to do?

  • Motivation

    Motivation is what drives us to greatness. Learn how to self-motivate and better understand what drives others.

  • Communication

    Ask any leader what separates the worst and the best and you'll always get the same answer: communication.

  • Storytelling

    Storytelling is the language of leaders so you'd better learn how to speak it. Practice the art of storytelling here.

  • Emotions

    Emotionally intelligent leaders are proven to be greater leaders than those with low emotional intelligence.

  • Trust

    How do you build trust? We will cover trust and trust-building behaviors in this original module .

  • Meetings

    If you can't lead an awesome meeting, nothing else matters. Become a meeting superstar that people look as a leader.

  • Processes

    This module covers the best business process management tools and basic BPM fundamentals.

  • Negotiation

    Negotiation requires transparency and collaboration. Learn how to negotiate like an executive.

  • Mindset

    All the tools and skills in the world are useless if you don't have the right mindset. Mindfulness for leaders here.

  • Humor

    Don't be the class clown or self-deprecate yourself. Learn how to use humor at work the right way in this module.

  • Feedback

    Feedback is the most important yet most widely misused leadership skill. If you are good at this, you'll thrive.

  • Coaching

    Coaching is much different than mentoring and sponsoring. We will cover all functions of real coaches.

  • Change

    To thrive is to change. In this dynamic session, you'll learn about the most effective ways to drive change.

  • Collarboation

    How can you drastically improve how you and your collagues collaborate? We have a framework to guide you.

  • Teambuilding

    Team synergy is a driving force in organizations. We will cover the 4 required elements of successful teams.

  • Diversity

    Diversity has intense advantages if you know how to harness its power. It's too bad most people don't.

  • Conflict

    Don't ever avoid conflict, just learn how to manage it well. This module covers conflict management.

  • Culture

    Culture is how things get done in an organization. Learn how to make a positive impact on culture here.

  • Leadership 

    Strategy, visioning, principles, and everything you need to go from manager to transformational leader.


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