The ultimate symptom of a high-trust culture? FUN.

First comes trust, then comes fun, then comes extreme performance.



the first form of trust

most businesses are here



thriving relationships

great teams are here



extreme trust

this is where we take you



thriving businesses

the ultimate goal



is psychological safety

is letting your guard down

is becoming more open

is being more vulnerable

is practicing more empathy

is a lot more fun at work

is correlated to high-performance

is where the best teams live

 Our mission is to take your teams from low trust to extreme trust. That's because 85% of work teams experience low trust and even worse, this is a global statistic.


Through multi-year studies on the most successful teams, psychological safety has been clearly identified as the top ingredient for effective teamwork. 

We help your leaders with a deeply educational practice of the proven techniques that build this vital form of social trust called psychological safety. 

In fact, humor is a huge part of building social trust. By developing a tolerance for looking silly and having opportunities to practice effective workplace humor and creativity, your leaders are given the tools to drastically improve the level of psychological safety in your workplace.

Warning: this might be fun.


 Below is a full suite of offerings that our team delivers to corporations of all sizes. Nothing is off the shelf. We start with the discovery process and go from there.

Organizational Development

Your culture should inspire performance, innovation, change, engagement, and competitiveness. We approach every project with an eagerness to learn about your challenges. Then, we make a diagnosis and provide feedback with recommended interventions as treatments for organization-wide change. We provide evaluation, reporting, modification, and closure at each stage.



We turn leadership and corporate culture assessments into insights and action.


We administer surveys that give you the data you need to improve employee engagement.


Our performance programs build in a feedback loop to boost productivity from within.


Our transformative consulting services range from change management to new research.

Discover the power of transformative organizational development.

Leadership Training

We make learning fun so that the training sticks, ensuring that you reap the rewards of your intelligent investment. Your employees will appreciate that all of our training includes collaborative humor activities that make it nonstop fun and laughter.


Our group training workshops are always high-energy and full of laughs. We can conduct single sessions or develop complete programs for your individuals, managers, and leaders.


An appreciation of diversity carries intense advantages. We offer a variety of focused topics to build skills in emotional intelligence, inclusion, equality, unconscious biases, and workplace community.


Our powerful mindset coaching is an evolution of all our work in leadership and organizational development. Our coaches are previous and current executives that are adaptive leaders.


Our services and training solutions are never delivered "off the shelf" because no two organizations are the same. Even our flagship humor workshops are fully customized to fit the exact needs of your company and audience. 

Transform your organization with leadership development that's fun.
Customized Solutions

We can customize all of our services to your needs, from branded training materials to using your internal learning management system or webinar tools. Whatever you require, we will work hard to provide solutions that work for your organization.


and Events

Our top speakers will ignite and inspire your audience. Whether it’s a trade conference or an internal all-hands meeting, we will completely customize our talk to bring out the emotions you desire for your event.

Need a spectacular presenter to transform your next event?


Our powerful keynotes are years in the making. From the TEDx stage to giant trade shows and conferences, we have energized tens of thousands of people with our dynamic speeches.


Our passion for collaboration has made this our most-popular offering. We combine collaborative humor activities into everything that we do so that your teams have tons of fun. 


Team charity events offer a unique type of bonding. If you want to make an impact in your community, we'll help make it special with a local charity.


From luxury resorts to Medieval castles, we host a powerful multiway event that kills the routine. Return to with a new sense of direction and purpose that'll drive the change you need.


Come meet us at our upcoming speaking events! Our high-energy keynotes combine a balance of leadership and humor. Warning: this might be fun!

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